The Downside of Disclosure

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off

–“Lemon,” N.E.R.D.

Once the world learns of the crimes against humanity committed by the wealthy sociopaths who hold the real power in society — including sexual depravity and violence against children on a more extensive level than most could even comprehend — the recent sexual misconduct alleged by prominent men in society will seem like misdemeanors in comparison.

We are headed into an increasingly traumatic time for humanity of revelations of dark and long buried truths. It will not be easy. Those who have long denied or refused to know these truths out of fear of losing material wealth, who have held on to their allegiance to the status quo when they knew better, will have a hard time emotionally accepting these truths, and dark truths in their own lives.

Those who have known these truths and have suffered in terms of loss of income, housing, health and hope will require extensive healing and most will struggle to abandon our long held beliefs about ourselves, the world and the universe.

But it is necessary for us to hold accountable these criminals, pursue true justice for the billions they have hurt and killed, and release their hoarded blood money and technologies that will help heal this species that has been on the precipe of another mass extinction for the past century.

There is also a great deal of positive and liberating truths about who we really are and have been, our uniqueness, and our great abilities and potential that has been suppressed for too long.

In terms of war, terrorism, mass violence and economic collapse, the worst is over and we will know true peace on this planet over the next century. Those who have sought to enslave or annihilate humanity have lost the ability to do so and are running scared, losing a war against a united front of groups aligned to defend our species and this planet.

In future posts I will attempt to describe in as much detail as possible how I see this playing out, not expecting or wanting you to just believe me and remain skeptical, because blind faith has broken this world more than helped it heal.

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