Frame them higher
From the enchantment of
Our chosen lows

There is something true
They’re someone more
Their bruises not new

Archaics unraveling
Forgotten “unknowns”
To frighten the chains
If “She” is They
If “He” is She
“Then who am I?”
Why can’t We just be We?

Abandoned curiosity
As we hunt in screens
Distracted but still seeking
So why do we scream?

Bored to frayed nerves
Yet new expressions bloom
Stretching out new curves
Yet declarations of gloom

Broken vows to other nations
Shredded social contracts
Our lost imaginations
Resisting graceful contact.


But they are of this world
From seed through dirt to stem
The same soft petals unfurled
Drawing bees through the wind
Their honey drips through wax
Never questioning their pact

Never rings the song in the hive
This one doesn’t belong
This other winged doesn’t jive
This one shan’t come along
All grow the same wheat
All their nectar just as sweet

But here we stand as monsters
Afraid to invest affection
Playing jaded imposters
Fighting Love’s sole impression.


So Who are You?
Who am I?
Who are They?

You are You
I am Me
They are You


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