The High Cost Of Ascension

Enlightenment is your birthright. Ascension is available to all who are willing to walk the path.

But that path is too often paved in gold, or the signposts say you need it to proceed.

There exists a market of tools, supplements, crystals, elixirs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, organic and clean foods, meditation retreats, Reiki, acupuncture and other modalities and treatments that are out of reach for most because of the high price tags.

The message that sends to the world is that enlightenment comes with debt.

Ascension is the principle of total evolution beyond physical matter, when one’s DNA is fully assembled and activated so their whole being vibrates at a higher frequency they transcend the confines of physicality and achieve what Buddhists call your “rainbow body.” Allegedly only a handful of humans have been able to do this in the last 10,000 years, though perhaps many more before the purported fall of Atlantis. We are currently in a time cycle in which we are being offered the chance to ascend from third density to fourth density, a period that has started and will likely continue for the next 50-60 years, though that time period is ultimately unknown, as mass ascension depends on a critical mass of consciousnesses finding enlightenment and DNA activation.

Of course not all who have ascended in the past were rich; many were clergy, monks, other spiritual adherents, some who took a vow of poverty to seek humility, believing that better allowed them to make conscious contact with the divine, their higher self, God, Source, the great cosmic consciousness, etc. And there have been different cultures less rooted in capitalism and stratification, including after the fall of Atlantis, like in the Sumerian and Mayan cultures where the principles of energy work and pursuing ascension were high priorities and offered to the masses. Several of our most noted spiritual teachers rejected riches to pursue deeper spiritual truths and found ascension.

Nowadays if you pursue those same modalities practiced by those cultures you can be met by a pay wall, built around careers of people trying to sustain a living, or those outright trying to get rich. I’ve accessed many of them myself, benefitted from them and am a Reiki practitioner myself, so I don’t exclude myself from the call to action of this essay.

That is not to say one cannot use spiritual principles to manifest what they want in that way. I know I have been lucky to receive gifts, tools or services for free or cheap — including acupuncture, energy work and naturopathy — but most are not that fortunate, or are too occupied with work, or because they work cannot access services or treatments that might be free to them, though most such services are costly to all outside of places like Oregon where I live.

The main problem with using manifestation to get what you want is that you can only bleed so much from a stone held by the hands of a few, the 1 percent, or 0.1 percent, who horde the majority of the wealth and own the banks, corporations, institutions and governments that are arranged to keep wealth and upward economic mobility out of reach for the majority, and who have gone to great lengths to keep it that way, including by engineering economic depressions and recessions.

There is awareness of this system of stratification, or at least of these elites, among spiritual circles, but ironically a lack of expressed revulsion or rejection of their system of predatory capitalism, and instead the hope that reading enough manifestation books, practicing law of attraction principles or listening to wealth and abundance meditations will catapult them into the ranks of those making seven or eight figures a year, which would allow them to access the luxury stratosphere of ascension products.

In that way, the quest for ascension is built upon the great false hope that is the American Dream with new packaging, encased in amethyst crystals which appear unwashed because they are clouded by the darkness of rampant individualism, and lack of realism, or compassion for who the pursuit of that dream oppresses. That path is unsuitable for the majority of the global population, as well as for the environment. To truly make ascension worthwhile we must identify capitalism and economic stratification as a hindrance to the spiritual evolution of all.

The truth is those crystals are mined by someone, usually in a “third world” nation that is largely impoverished due to the effects of Western imperialism, or held down by authoritarian governments propped up by the economic elites who own and operate those territories. These people often live shorter lives, in unhealthy and unsustainable living conditions, with a lack of access to healthy food and water, and not because they just haven’t been using the right law of attraction techniques. And there is only so much raw material that can be mined and used, not to mention often the use of oil to process those and other products, including their shipping.

That organic food, if you’re not fortunate enough to have a home or community garden (or the spare time to tend to it), is often picked, processed, manufactured and distributed from a “developing nation,” or by migrant workers in Western nations, underpaid because they couldn’t afford to get a green card like so many from “developed” nations can acquire. That’s not to mention the lack of availability of organic foods or supplements, or even nutritious foods, in food desserts in Western cultures, and of course the lack of food in general in many of these impoverished nations where hunger and starvation are systemic problem that in part fuel undocumented immigration.

The land upon which these pricey meditation retreats take place belonged once to conquered First Nations people. Their civilizations tended to overall prioritize spiritual development and sacredness among the majority, cultures eroded by genocide, re-education and whitewashing, cultures co-opted by many in the New Age who have cut up and repackaged their teachings, often sold at a premium. This is true too of many other cultures around the world, including in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, all being used to prop up Western spiritual communities addicted to colonial capitalism, and seemingly uncaring.

The global pandemic showed how easily we can lose access to products and services because of labor shortages, highlighting the humanity behind the luxuries so many in the spiritual community can take for granted.

This all leads to an unpleasant conclusion that mass ascension of humanity will ultimately require the dismantling and replacement of Western capitalism, an awareness and accountability of these economic elites, and spiritual communities willing to put people before profits, to make these services, tools, modalities, treatments, supplements and foods more accessible to the masses.

But more than that, we must see none of those things ultimately promises or grants one ascension if it calcifies one’s heart, and upholds systems of oppression and stratification. Dismantling those systems will not be easy nor can be done by a smattering of dedicated individuals or groups. Those of us in the spiritual community dedicated to the evolution and liberation of humanity must be willing to apply it also to the influx of light into those systems through activism, sustainable practices and perhaps even sacrifice of some luxuries.

We must foster a dedication to use our collective compassion and privilege to see that all, or at least the majority, have an opportunity to pursue and receive healing and ascend, by dismantling oppressive systems, seeing that the masses no longer toil and sacrifice for a minority who can access a better life, so no one is left behind, so we can actually declare that there truly is liberty and justice for all.

One thought on “The High Cost Of Ascension

  1. Agreed! “To truly make ascension worthwhile we must identify capitalism and economic stratification as a hindrance to the spiritual evolution of all.“

    Healing is inherited in my family, but o had to pay for Reiki attunement whereas by grandfather from the old country was a hot hand healer…handed down from his ancestors. Why did he not hand 🤚🏻 t down to us more directly ? He demonstrated it to my brother and me, but did not point out that we all had that ability. My cousin now teaches all three levels in an intensive weekend for thousands of dollars a shot. Exactly your point. While my mother was dying, I instinctively handed her a boji stone to help in her transition. She would later thank me during a soul retrieval (which I had to pay for) saying it filled a gap in her Catholic faith that only earth energy could fill. All this Wisdom used to be available to the tribe or community via the Healers. My ancestors were Cathars. I found out about them by finding a book in the sand on a beach in Hawaii and did research. It took money go get to Hawaii, but I am not a rich person. The Universe also held us sling this Path.


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