Therapist for Demons

To counsel demons Archons The lost ones Who forgot their light Can make you whole So long as you do not forget You Were Born Whole. And don’t give up too many of your combined parts Unreclaimed aspects that create a long journey to haul And they in exchange help liberate you By learning to […]

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Martyrdom The way my ego plays the game Not enough to be ok with myself Trying to fit in and be the same It’s not the rules that are the problem I just got addicted to playing the pawn As 50,000 cheer for me to become the king To accelerate our emergence into a new […]

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The Brightest Pain

The lightest of rain To soak The brightest of pain To smother The darkest craving To hover above My manic raving Broken spells Waiting to sing Joyous smells Waves to swing Up from the grave Not a zombied soul I can’t feel the brave Courage as the goal This darkness not mine Retired from resetting […]

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Weather Or Not

Weather or not It’s cold or hot I burn outside and in The cycling storm within. I freeze underneath and above Stagnation of completing the love Awaiting summer in my heart Just not so my brain falls apart. But maybe I need to forever lose my mind To see all the light that hides behind […]

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Dream Me Awake

It’s hard to know if My dreams are Future scenes People I’m thinking about People thinking about me Meetings with members of my soul group Or just my imagination bored of my sheets Some say they’re all the same I just know They exhaust me Too much to make my waking The opposite of my […]

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The Silent Noise Of Disaster

What I don’t want to hear may break me But I keep typing through it Keep speaking words unheard but uttered incorrectly Cycles of putting the shadow mirror in my face Hoping it shatters So I don’t have to Again Leaving those I forgot And didn’t want to care or love To put in an […]

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