A Memory Cured

She came to me  as a diseased memory, softly held at the edges of spacetime. She was everywhere, yet nowhere, something unseen in the brilliance of the Grand Central Sun. Here I stand, shaken, shaking off the ashes of my yesterday death. We were always meant to meet Now,  at this great pinpoint, a short […]

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Sleep Is The Cousin Of Life

We’re often taught about how we spend a third of our lives asleep, and how that’s a negative. In this capitalist culture built on the forced labor of people of color, it’s no surprise the brainwashing is so deep Black artists like rapper Nas decried sleep as “the cousin of death.” He possibly meant this […]

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The Coffee of Contemplation

This is my experimentation for a poetry class I’m taking using a real object combined with an abstraction: Crushed beans from the calloused hands of a farmer, Wishing for better wages. Fair trade, or a fair trade, time for sufficient existence. No time for contemplation, no time for thinking, just doing, wishing for aroma of […]

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Nothing pleases, I’m all out; it’s buried, under the tumultuous strain– Strained, like the curds of yesterday, making our children fat, bold and kind. Oh yes, there’s a sigh as she washes the colonel’s matted hair “It’s atrocious, the weather,” he sneers at the grave. Spins Spins Spinsters I am not So go get your […]

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Surrendered Sky

A road where two cannot pass; a table with three names; a parable unspoken; a field with no games. They chance upon grass of blood, soft and unwise, a monster laughs at their skulls: “Drown in the flood.” Sleepless nights give way to dreamless sleep. Chaos becomes them, utter simplicity takes a beat. A thunder […]

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Yesterday’s Noise

The moment perfected; A symphony, embracing the edges. Strands of sand Curdled together crawl through the maze of my mind. They beckon to be held, to be seen, refusing to wither. So I supplicate, and suffocate, darkness take me into the light A death perfected: a melody embracing the Mystery.

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In The Flagrant Jump

I’ve been resisting enlightenment, the bright lights shone on my shadows as shards slicing into my soul. “Just let go,” the Goddess softly urges, “Embrace my design; it will nourish just so.” The sullen wind lashes my reluctant face, bruising my embarrassment, as I hide from my own jubilation. Oh but if I dance, what […]

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Palpatable Blackness

I am an “easy-to-digest” Black man. Like bran flakes, I’m less often spit out by white people. I talk “white,” being the son of a white mother who grew up in an overwhelmingly white suburb of Denver. I’ve even had at least two white people tell me straight to my face, I’m “one of the […]

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A Haunting, Abbreviated

An owl screeches at the seams. The darkened corners of the broken tree house  bellow a grumbling, “This,  you will regret.” Machinations of a yesterday bird, scratches at the wall. A hero called forth, no longer any song, to ring in the bright North, a melody of wrongs “Go get your ghosts, and make way […]

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Million Night

A fire ripped from my chest; A waterfall storms from my guts; A chain  cuts on my wrist; A scream sinks into the rust. “Never shall you find me,” the breeze whispers. “I am your ending triumphant” “I am the grinding unpaid fee,” the brush fire bellows. “I am your candidate incumbent.” I crawl toward […]

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