Miracles Avail

Drops Drop A drop Leaks in wheelbarrows I’m lost in the vines Mud stuck to my soles And I’m full of lies I said my love was unconditional But I am weakness in a shell In love with your ideal idea Unable to be embrace with your inner hell Drops Drop A drop Of my […]

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Waltzes Of War

Our gross Materialism Spun from dark Imperialism The majority now the Rebel Alliance Inside heroes as villains our reliance Mastery of blasted graves From their hateful blaze Them versus Us from the start Them always the smaller part They won’t join our safer game Saying there’s not enough to gain Waltzes of war we have […]

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Blue Sacred Cow

Bullshit surrounds Stressors compound I try my very best Seeking better rest But comfortable ones say do more While I crawl and drag on the floor Motivate my ass toward where? To lay my heartbreak bare I’m not the man you want me to be But I need you to set me free Don’t live […]

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How Would You Like To Be Free?

We’re raised to believe to be happy, to be of use, is to do, to produce, to create materials to achieve a paycheck, numbers in your bank account to aquire more materials we’re taught will make us happy, or at least sustain us long enough to produce more materials to acquire more numbers in our […]

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