Parallel Depression

The skies over Cleveland were cloudy, just like the ones inside of me. I was waiting for an interview to be a reporter at a newspaper there. I was then aware I had neglected to fulfill my duties as a reporter at The Denver Post and tried to go back. Soon after I was thrust […]

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The High Cost Of Ascension

Enlightenment is your birthright. Ascension is available to all who are willing to walk the path. But that path is too often paved in gold, or the signposts say you need it to proceed. There exists a market of tools, supplements, crystals, elixirs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, organic and clean foods, meditation retreats, Reiki, acupuncture […]

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Teardrops With The Trees

For the past few years I’ve been crying in public, a lot. That spicket has significantly trickled the last few months, but it was a consistence storm. One of the most healing public cries was against, under and in the midst of trees. I believe I did this because I often cried when I felt […]

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The Rakeover

The prime minister of chaosIn a filament of jester toolsNew ghetto to place usA table feast of fools Scenes from the future to forsakeWe edited the timelineErasing the events in poor tasteCrossed the fine line Bow down secret familiesThe scoundrels taking over Your moment of clarityYour new downfallCount your dead leavesThis is the rake over

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Drawing Outside The Cube

Don’t be too controversial You might trip and fallDon’t be too conventionalWe want to see it allDon’t be too conceptualWe need your specificsDon’t be too conversationalWe need your short quips Yes, go outside of the boxBut not outside of the cubeRemember, we own the locksAnd you have too much to lose

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Dizzy Banana Peels

It’s really no big deal We’re just today’s banana peels Slipping under the gravity of everyday lies Too innocent for jail Too guilty for bail But now is our Playtime in the light We thought was dark Like a pool of warm water We were told was cold as knives We were never lost Just […]

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An Anvil Kingship

Who is there for the king When the crown weighs like a leaded anvil Who lays open hands to break his chains Which only he can see Who is there for the king When he can’t give a simple smile to the queen Is the royalty a chirade Has he become a tyrant of disrespect […]

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