Our Opponent’s Component

It’s not that humans are dumb We just sought a deeper slumber It led us toward a greater numb To feel the weight of the lumber To fight over gathering bread crumbs To gradually unveil our strength in numbers To find the joy in burning stumps Entropy became an addictive game Prevailing peace had bored […]

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Freedom We Forgot

Belief can be a bridge you make You need not try to cross another’s But we must get over this lake To help us heal Our Mother She gives us love and wisdom Food, medicine and water We must bend our ear to listen For her heart grows larger But is tired, battered by hate […]

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The Mightier Helper

I gave you lemons You made lemonade Your love was given Sang me serenades I craved the sour taste The allure of the white flag Let our trust go to waste While you carried my bag You were always without sin Now you’re departed and mad For too long  a time I gave in Made […]

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Loving People Hate Themselves

People will try to push and push you to be what they want you to be because they lack the courage or confidence and self-acceptance to be who they want to be, often because they never made an attempt to know themselves.   They will criticize you, judge you, sometimes passively or jokingly. They may […]

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Children Of Orion

Doubt invades our hearts Hatred from cold minds Undefeated warmth Meets mighty intellect Ore cannot be bought Nor gold But only diamonds are made The heat of their fury Simply made us shine Blinding lights to melt the coming cold Together we forge eternal summer We will need a span to heal those who crave […]

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