Bullied People Are Gifts To Humanity

If you are consistently hated, ridiculed or constantly criticized by those around you, and you or others find it confusing because you are generous and kind on a regular basis, know you are surrounded by jealous, narcissistic people who want to bring you down to their level. Being so hated, misunderstood and feeling the strong […]

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Be A Generosity Scientist

True joy comes from giving without expecting anything because you recognize what you have already received that brang you joy in the past. This world is broken and harsh in part because people too often fall prey to amnesia stemming from complacency and a lack of gratitude. In this way, practicing gratitude makes it easier […]

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A Darkness Returned

I have no one to blame for my fate So I wrap myself in scars and hate I have a purpose and things to give I make the choice to no longer live But that door is not an escape Just a temporary reshape The same lesson unlearned The same darkness returned I might be […]

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