Fear Lets Go

I ruminate on the past because I am afraid of something negative that happened to me or that I did will happen again. So I ruminate on the future to try to find ways to plan to keep that from happening again. All the while I’ve been missing out on the present, in which I […]

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Lighter Rains

Stay reliable Limit your libel To remain pliable For our dying avoidance moods Then Move into better rooms Haven stained walls Clarity sage Good stench Hoods to cover Lighter rains Fishing poles for the fun Of subtle boredom delayed The doubled up Padded cell illusions Of our ever arcade Interdependency Independence Prevails

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Blistered Remedy

Her sweetness hurts Like setting a broken bone I thought would never heal So rapidly with a whispered touch She knows the cure Because her green crystal Is cracked in the same spots

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Graduation Deferred

No need for interrogation Where there’s coordination No need for silence Where there is science No need for a diploma When She’s in a coma Indifference, their lost game Yet we’re the ones to blame This’ll be one for the ages We’ll combine all our wages

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This Old Game Again

Autocrats looking for reasons Silently establishing treason They make their own bad luck To keep our souls corrupt Ah, again this old game they play Bursting the dam with no regret Because we wanted to just forget The pain from fallen towers The puncturing of fortress walls Ah, again this old game they play Set […]

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Calm Before The Qualm

Calm before the qualm Hunters preparing for harm Scapegoats laid in the way Our complacency at bay Instigation before investigation Contempt for contemplation Will we fall again for their lies To make us lords of the flies Bombs away at the lambs The youth will rise to stand

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