Who What When Where Why How — How?

How could I see tomorrow? How could I know the past? Who am I if not capped? What am I without sorrow? Where am I if not stuck? When will I get it together? Why can’t I just remember? Where is my new luck? Exhausted without cause Exhausted by the nervous whys Locked in revolving […]

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Shuck Away These Draining Cords

All ends well All sorted out But now all well out of sorts I try to rest this weary soul Battered by my own fearful steps Walked into the Halls of vampires Rising out of darkness toward Her light Seeking unconditional love within and without A passing phase without unknowing ears Can’t help others when […]

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I. Frame them higher From the enchantment of Our chosen lows There is something true They’re someone more Their bruises not new Archaics unraveling Forgotten “unknowns” To frighten the chains If “She” is They If “He” is She “Then who am I?” Why can’t We just be We? Abandoned curiosity As we hunt in screens […]

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