The Shine Above

Withholding your bold Makes your heart turn cold In my life before I snuffed my shine To realize I crossed a bitter line The burden I set to leave Only deepened the grief A soldier who lost Must pay the cost For giving up on love And embrace his shine above

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Our Grand Incline

I stepped back from the ledge For sure it still exists But I make the pledge I will always persist You can push me off And I will just fl That makes you scoff Like I gave you a line But I don’t fear the coffin That makes you gasp You run from so often […]

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Violence Is Not Allyship

It is an understandable impulse to want to physically hurt white supremacists. It is a matter of analyzing when it is worthwhile and not.  I have spent a lot of time in the last nine months with people who did time in prison for violent crimes. Many are homeless, addicts, who as a result of […]

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Telemetry Dreams

Chasing the fallout Of a disaster I chose Standing on the mount While others love to lose The chilled air makes me burn So I threw away the crown Bitter because I never learned I can’t change another’s frown Yet we are all the same Or why they worship my light I never wanted gold […]

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