Drawing Outside The Cube

Don’t be too controversial You might trip and fallDon’t be too conventionalWe want to see it allDon’t be too conceptualWe need your specificsDon’t be too conversationalWe need your short quips Yes, go outside of the boxBut not outside of the cubeRemember, we own the locksAnd you have too much to lose

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Dizzy Banana Peels

It’s really no big deal We’re just today’s banana peels Slipping under the gravity of everyday lies Too innocent for jail Too guilty for bail But now is our Playtime in the light We thought was dark Like a pool of warm water We were told was cold as knives We were never lost Just […]

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An Anvil Kingship

Who is there for the king When the crown weighs like a leaded anvil Who lays open hands to break his chains Which only he can see Who is there for the king When he can’t give a simple smile to the queen Is the royalty a chirade Has he become a tyrant of disrespect […]

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The Thaw

Hypothermia burns fast But aches slow in the warmth Love isn’t always love Blisters heave in the light Black skin bemoans the fog Chaos is lost in them I heal in front of stolen eyes Souls frozen, afraid to die Order slaughtered on the altar

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Dead End Streams

You said I was easy But you took me for granted A whisper lost in the loud darkness A quilted shroud you chose to become No more tears from my eyes For a flame who snuffed herself out You’ve got some fall in you left Another tear to carry you West Into your canyon of […]

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