Undercut Regress

The vampires eat the youngin broad daylight We undercut their gainsin our dreamsAstral collapsingdark timelines Their distractionswhile amusingare our catalystsdigging their heelsinto stagnant regressuntil they cut to the coreand find their ownrobbedheart.

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Love in Tempered Glass

Oh there she isSlinking in the sultry nightNot because she’s darkShe’s no spyTraitors seek her lowWhile she eclipses the strange Let goButLet God Lead you lostBecause no matter howFar you strayYou stayOn the path So when she comes for youDon’t be surprisedLet her devour your dreamsLet her punctuate your nightmaresYou’ve got a thousand nights to […]

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The Symphony of Self Harm

It was a day after drinking in college and my mind felt unsafe. My brain was busy with recklessness, feeling ashamed and feeling a sense of hopeless that too few neurons firing and dopamine and serotonin depleted can bring. There was something wrong I had done, that felt certain in the moment. Maybe I said […]

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