Confronting My Writer’s Fear

It’s 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday and my goal to write 500 words a day of fiction has not only not been met, but pushed to the point of a total time crunch of needing something, about 1,000 words, to present for my critique group this week. I have become addicted to my comfort zone, […]

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Undercut Regress

The vampires eat the youngin broad daylight We undercut their gainsin our dreamsAstral collapsingdark timelines Their distractionswhile amusingare our catalystsdigging their heelsinto stagnant regressuntil they cut to the coreand find their ownrobbedheart.

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Love in Tempered Glass

Oh there she isSlinking in the sultry nightNot because she’s darkShe’s no spyTraitors seek her lowWhile she eclipses the strange Let goButLet God Lead you lostBecause no matter howFar you strayYou stayOn the path So when she comes for youDon’t be surprisedLet her devour your dreamsLet her punctuate your nightmaresYou’ve got a thousand nights to […]

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The Symphony of Self Harm

It was a day after drinking in college and my mind felt unsafe. My brain was busy with recklessness, feeling ashamed and feeling a sense of hopeless that too few neurons firing and dopamine and serotonin depleted can bring. There was something wrong I had done, that felt certain in the moment. Maybe I said […]

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Vital Corpse

Whispers in the park Seek my breached brainYou hide in the darkYou cower in light rainShowers allude my sightSo they pour from my fallen eyesBut this is not my sorrowSuch resentful regrettable liesA vital corpse you borrow But I’m far from deadI dodged the grave you dug You sit up on my bedAnd lure me […]

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Forgotten Sky

When your comfort zone just hurtsWhen that song just gets so oldWhen the knife just makes you spurtWhen that tale just ain’t what you told You’ll find the narrower bridgeYou’ll actually want to liveIt will be all you ever wantedYour house no longer hauntedYou’ll feel you can reconnect With dirty diamonds in your rear view […]

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Parallel Depression

The skies over Cleveland were cloudy, just like the ones inside of me. I was waiting for an interview to be a reporter at a newspaper there. I was then aware I had neglected to fulfill my duties as a reporter at The Denver Post and tried to go back. Soon after I was thrust […]

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Teardrops With The Trees

For the past few years I’ve been crying in public, a lot. That spicket has significantly trickled the last few months, but it was a consistence storm. One of the most healing public cries was against, under and in the midst of trees. I believe I did this because I often cried when I felt […]

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The Rakeover

The prime minister of chaosIn a filament of jester toolsNew ghetto to place usA table feast of fools Scenes from the future to forsakeWe edited the timelineErasing the events in poor tasteCrossed the fine line Bow down secret familiesThe scoundrels taking over Your moment of clarityYour new downfallCount your dead leavesThis is the rake over

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