Our Special Kind

I’m alone, but it’s OK

I’ll find a place to locate

I’m so, so used to it

Before it was just a bit

But now it’s all too much

This time card I want to punch

Yet you keep calling me back

To provide what you and I lack

It looks to be different this time

Long sought peace we’ll finally find

A treasure buried in the dark

Because we missed the mark

My innocence I’ve lost

Though we all have paid that cost

It’s just the burden of these facts

Makes it easier for me to crack

It wouldn’t seem so bad if minds were wide

But the many choose to stay blind

So I wait for the shower from the Sun

To undo the pain that’s been done

In the meantime I savor the wait

And from the flood from the open gate

Knowing it was I who unlocked that door

Because I wanted to know more and more

Now I sit in pain and regret

And wish I could forget

But I’d have to erase my mind

And abandon our special kind

So I grip the railing of the bridge

As I ache, scream and cringe

The ones I need are out of reach

Because I have more to teach

My own heart and soul

To fill up my own bowl

Since taking my own took your life too

And made us both look the fool

Under the rainbow sky we will sigh

And all our scars will be lost

The bridge now is so short

If I leave it might fork

And lead you to a dark path

Because I couldn’t do the math

To realize there is only one

To keep me from coming undone

I now see Him as more than just a cog in the gears

For His eyes are mine, seeing Truth in the mirror

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