Death Is No Recess

Many who rightly reject the confines of religion will allege humans are nothing but mere meat puppets. But that begs the question: Who is the puppet master?

That answer is different for every person, and such is the essence of fun and wonder of life for me. From my own experiences and understandings I know no one ever really dies, that we are not the physical body we inhabit but the energy and electricity within it, that we are pure emotion, and when the body perishes, we continue on.

In my last incarnation, I violently ended my life. In this life, my greatest lesson has been to reclaim my life, reclaim my health, and live for myself before I try to live for others as I have consistently sought to do.

There are too many on this planet who are breathing, walking, talking and eating, but are completely dead. These individuals perpetually try to escape their lessons. In doing so they live from a place of hedonism, greed, deception and service to self. Because they refuse to learn their lessons, all ways to understand love — which is what we are as the glue of the universe — they seek out others who are also dead and seek to spread death in a selfish attempt to not feel alone.

I at times have been frustrated that others do not share my understanding of reincarnation. Recently I have come to appreciate this lack of belief in that they keep themselves focused on what they can do in this life. Too often in other lives I have let myself be killed or ended my life because I knew my death wasn’t permanent. But that doesn’t change the fact many, more than I knew until recently, still love and care about Clayton and don’t want to lose him, and that Clayton still has things to share.

One of those things to share is that I can help others overcome the walking death they are in, to help them out the struggle to live, provided they want and seek my help. Most of us do that in some way, and requires no investment in any theological beliefs, which can often be a hindrance to reclaiming one’s life and sense of purpose.

I wonder sometimes though if people had an understanding that once this body has died and they carry on, would they treat themselves better, treat each other better, treat this planet, recollect the collective lessons they have learned of the course of many lives? Would we finally collectively learn that the only escape from suffering is into ourselves, into love?

I think if we were to all truly learn that, we would be able to leave this school of hard knocks we are in and go to recess for as long as we wanted.

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