Weather Or Not

Weather or not
It’s cold or hot
I burn outside and in
The cycling storm within.

I freeze underneath and above
Stagnation of completing the love
Awaiting summer in my heart
Just not so my brain falls apart.

But maybe I need to forever lose my mind
To see all the light that hides behind
The veil of the darkest of the past
Just make the bone setting fast.

Forgive me for my lack of faith
Neglecting the healing hands extended
The trust to make my soul mended
To finally make my path straight.

I’m parallel to infinity but insane
Doing all the rights but scattered
Lost in helpful and unhelpful mob mentality
To break out could leave me abandoned
But just for today this is my reality.

I want to be forever now
Not weighed by future frights
To be the new old sacred cow
To just far too often feel alright.

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