Black Bodies, On Purpose

Brought to broken lands
to break
and infuse,
and confuse.

White man burdened
to direct the economy.

Black bodies, White tools
Spoil the land
with the blood of resistance.

Where there are cries and sighs,
The comfortable ignore,
and delight:
This is how it is,
How it’s supposed to be

So niggers,
Sing those hymns
Just do your work

Clocks set ahead:

Now chains loosened,
Modern configurations.
No longer forced
But yet not free;

Shackled by expectation:

Be our favorite
Like your famous kin;
Don’t talk so white;
Be our cool,
Make our kids aspire
to wear you like
Second skins.

We disdain
Never good enough

Be your purpose
Hustle hard
into bitter sands
of vacations
you can’t afford

But still nigger

Never said explicit
Subtle expectations:
Meet the standards
Or get your EBT,
Stay out of sight,
And absorb these bullets.

Be still, nigger,
Then show up alert,
alarmed even,
Prepared to carry forth
The corporate orders;
The corporate order,
Built on the blood roots
Of those White tools

Oh you’ve moved the goalpost,
Good, niggers;
Yet we’re only as good as our score:

Catch that pigskin, nigger,
Make me yell,
Make me cheer!
No, trade that nigger!
No you’re too old now, nigger.
Go sell those cars.
Talk that talk.
Drift into obscurity.

A horse to put down

This is your retirement:
Day spent in bed
Bed sores ignored
Nursing homes
with the wretching from
Stains of rotted piss.
Overworked mammies
Compassion fatigue worn
Like yesterday’s noose
A slave ship with better food

Push on, hired help
Push off, Black unit laid lame
Your time is served.

Give God your rage
Because you were spoiled,
Given more than you need,

Greedy niggers

Collect your Social Security,
Lay mesmerized
by commercials
of prescriptions
to keep you alive
Long enough
to delay our shame

White guilt,
Just another hobby;
A Jenga of TED Talks
and tea time book clubs

Now dance for us,
Be the coons we see
On screens.

Dance into that

Dead nigger

Good, nigger

Good niggers


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