In The Flagrant Jump

I’ve been

resisting enlightenment,

the bright lights

shone on my shadows

as shards

slicing into my soul.

“Just let go,”

the Goddess softly urges,

“Embrace my design;

it will nourish



The sullen wind

lashes my reluctant face,

bruising my embarrassment,

as I hide from my own jubilation.

Oh but if I dance,

what if I miss

the next bump

to steal my bliss.

“But my boy,

bliss is found in the trip,

surrendering to gravity,

you have nothing

but the trust

you will land

the right way.”

Memories remind

of chances gained

when it seemed too late,

when the cards seemed stacked:

Scavenging for scraps

from airport tables,

no one suspecting

a vagrant with no cents

and just enough sense

to trust in the flagrant jump.

Tumors invading my frame,

doctors sure of my fate,

given 13 months to live.

But God visited me

in the middle waking dream

“You’re one of my favorites,

you’ll be ok.”

A new lease on life.

No one could see,

blindfolds held,

so I would trust.

So I just let go,

sometimes seconds after seconds,

a staccato song,

this I don’t know,

I’m free,

free to be wrong.


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