Surrendered Sky

A road where

two cannot pass;

a table

with three names;

a parable


a field

with no games.

They chance upon

grass of blood,

soft and unwise,

a monster laughs

at their skulls:

“Drown in the flood.”

Sleepless nights

give way to

dreamless sleep.

Chaos becomes them,

utter simplicity

takes a beat.

A thunder


the mesa;

a shadow


the horizon;

A schemer


like a geisha;

A hunter


to find them.

Hope is

ever turning

away from the dark;


is a reminder

there was nowhere

to start.

Now the three

become one,

ready to meet

their master;

where there is one

may there be four,

with tired legs

they run faster.

The hunter reaches

the grave,

a trap for a

single-minded man.

Focus connects

their eyes,

a trigger,

his blood accepts

the land.

The hydra one

wisps into the sky,

a paragraph

of regret


a surrendered sigh.


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