Be A Generosity Scientist

True joy comes from giving without expecting anything because you recognize what you have already received that brang you joy in the past.

This world is broken and harsh in part because people too often fall prey to amnesia stemming from complacency and a lack of gratitude. In this way, practicing gratitude makes it easier for you to receive because you are more able to give and realize what you have already given. So, also be grateful of yourself and what, how and why you gave that benefitted another.

But also recognize when you gave that which did not benefit someone else, and how by giving negativity you increased your chances of receiving negativity and decreased your ability to receive that which would have benefitted you.

If you recognize you have dished out more hatred and hurt than love and care, be grateful you have recognized that, work on forgiving yourself and try giving love and care to those you have hurt when they are open to receiving and in a gentle way.

In all this it is also crucial to always make sure you are in a place to give, that you have filled your cup before you empty out some for others and that you’ve filled it with clean water, that you have invested in so much bitterness toward yourself and others that your glass is full of toxic sludge.

Know this is a practice, apologize when you make errors (including to yourself) and try it again when you recognize why you made those errors.

The more you practice this, the more easily you will be able to wash away the dirt and ash you have covered yourself in and see at your core you are a loving person who wants to give and love. The more you deepen that realization, the more you will receive what you always wanted because you are more able to receive, store and pour out clean water to slake the thirst of those who need it most.

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