A Prayer To Never Forget Pain


Please don’t let me heal so completely I forget what it’s like to be so weighed down with sorrow I want to no longer exist.

Please never let me forget how and why people struggle, how and why people are filled with rage and hatred, how and why people cry themselves to sleep, how and why people are afraid to lose their possessions and the ones they love, the immense anvil grief can be.

Please never let me be so out of touch with those who feel hopeless I try to thrust advice on them to make themselves happier, or try to negate their emotions, to be afraid their sadness might rob me of my joy, to judge them for failing in ways I have and still do, to ask them to be perfect when such is an impossible and undesirable goal.

Please never let others see me as so perfect they can never achieve any “success” or joy I have. Please never let me forget what it means to feel crippled and stagnant struggling to live for oneself because you still want to live for and please and help others. Please never let me try to force others to conform to my worldview and be just like me so I can feel alone.

Please never let me forget what it means to be rejected and discarded by others and to hate oneself so as not to make the world more corrupt with hatred toward others.

Please always keep even just a pebble of the pain and suffering of the world until it is all completely washed away and everyone truly knows freedom.

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