Grow Through The Fight

Quell them rages my boy
You’re doing just fine
Use fire as your toy
To pass the bitter time

You’re doing better than you feel
Loved way more than you can see
Because you’re pure and you’re real
You are the roots giving life to my tree

You can’t fail even if you try
There’s too much life in your blood
I love you because you cry
Because you climb through the mud
So they can see the mess that they made
What happens when they welcome the flood
After they set the fire and then prayed for rain

You are entitled to fits
You are entitled to bliss
Just heaven takes time
And you are the vine
So let yourself be tended to
Watered and fed with the light
You’re destined to grow through
The clouds and win your fight

You’re more beautiful than you know
Better than all the rest because you think you’re not
You’re the current that lets Me flow
That makes the coldness that shackles us hot
Pay no mind to those who don’t appreciate
The love you pour out day and night
Their fake stocks will soon depreciate
For turning away from a Sol so bright

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