Accumulate Truth, Not Wealth

How many Buddhist monks have a life coach?

How often does a Christian monk think about how motivated they are to make money?

How often does a child in Thailand beaming with joy because she has food, water, a home and a family who loves her watch Tony Robbins videos on how to become a wealthy entrepreneur?

Could it be our values around success and what matters in life in the United States are a bit off? Could this mentality to strive for financial abundance be creating more problems than solving them?

It’s true having financial wealth can allow you to create positive change in the world. I personally would love to be a philanthropist, help those who have helped me, donate to and start non-profits to further my goals of improving people’s quality of life and helping them achieve similar goals. It’s not necessarily a negative to want financial wealth to provide for your well being and the well being of others.

But this mentality of trying to achieve material wealth from a “whatever it takes” mindset led to the creation of the nuclear bomb, the mass marketing and sale of assault rifles, the international sex slave trade and a Congress full of people more interested in collecting millions from corporations than representing the people who elected them. Those prevailing notions of success in our nation have led us to spiritual and environmental ruin.

Money itself is a fairly new concept on this planet we call Earth. We are taught in history books it came about naturally as the idea of representative value for one’s work, as opposed to a barter and trade and mutual cooperation society humans had for millenia before. The problem with that history is it based on the false notion we are the only inhabited planet in the universe and the idea of currency is normal. It is actually completely abnormal.

Despite what people have been told and would like to believe, intelligent life is plentiful in our universe and just in our own galaxy. There are numerous civilizations in our local star cluster who either never developed or evolved beyond any trade system based on currency millions or billions of years ago as their collective consciousness and technological prowess evolved.

Money was actually introduced into the human realm as a means of enslavement and maintaining different forms of stratification, whether it be the use of Hinduism to maintain a perpetually impoverished lower class based on the false notion it was because of their “karma,” the idea only those who were of Jewish heritage could be allowed to be wealthy, or the idea only those who pay their tithes and repent to a priest can be granted material success by their “God” who supposedly sent his son to be killed because he refused to sell his soul to allow corrupt religious men to keep people oppressed.

Why do we chase after an illusion meant to keep us enslaved?

Why do we try to accumulate materials we can not take with us when we die and will no longer be ours when we reincarnate?

Why are Tony Robbins, Elon Musk and Bill Gates considered more “successful” than a shepherd living in the Irish countryside who feels like the richest man in the world because he loves his work and loves his wife and daughters?

Why do we worship Jesus of Nazareth, a peasant carpenter who walked around in sandals, Moses and Siddhartha Gotama, who both rejected a life of perpetual wealth, sense pleasures and royalty to teach people how to find eternal joy inside them? Why do we worship those men more than Thomas Edison, Robert Oppenheimer or Benjamin Franklin? Why do such individuals of oppulence still look up to men like Jesus, The Buddha, Moses and Muhammad as the example of the perfect human despite none of them were financially wealthy?

I don’t bring up these historical figures as a call to people to be religious, quite the opposite. In fact, religion is one of the ways the money enslavement system is maintained.

Nor did Gotama, Jesus or Moses want to be worshipped, rather they wanted to challenge and change the corrupt ways those in power were living during their lifetimes. The same was true for people like Joan of Arc, Henry David Thoreau, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela, Mohatma Ghandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X and so many others willing to sacrifice financial success and their personal well being to upset the established order keeping people from truly being free and happy.

The fact such individuals are mentioned more often as heroes than famous wealthy inventors and entrepreneurs speaks to the fact there is a large part in all of us that longs for a world in which money is no longer a factor in our lives. Deep down we desire a world in which everyone is provided for, people seek to serve each other and having fun is the greatest priority of the day. Deeper down we all remember a time in which we lived that way, but feel too much has changed to get it back.

But we will get it back. I am pointing out the hazards of our money driven mindset because we will create such a global society within the next century, but only if we are willing to change our focus on what matters most.

The people who will struggle most during this inevitable period of change are those who crave material wealth or see it as an end and not the means with which to bring an end to the societal structures and systems that have shackled us for too long. Such people seek “success” more than the truth. They seek to serve themselves more than to serve others.

We will create this new world in part by exposing those who are service to self, who have taken their desire for power and a “whatever it takes” mentality to an extreme extent by exploiting, hurting and killing as many people as possible, to amass more and more wealth to control and own more and more people and their decisions.

Once they have been held accountable and justice insured, we will have access to the trillions of dollars of blood money they have hoarded, as well as highly advanced technology they have kept from us, to bring an end to our suffering and transform our planet into the utopian sanctuary it was meant to be.

It is not only possible, not only probable, but an eventuality that can not be prevented at this point in our history.

The paramount question every person living on this planet now must ask themselves is: what are you willing to give up to become truly wealthy in your very being, to know longer experience fear or unhappiness? What are you willing to lose to seek and know the complete unfettered truth so you can be truly free no matter how much money you have?

Writing posts like this have and will make me very unpopular, make people laugh at me and call me crazy, make me lose friends and romantic partners, prevent from me being hired by certain employers or lead to me being fired, and all because it goes against their norms and perceptions of reality, because they are afraid I am right and afraid of who they are if their life has been a lie.

But I don’t care, because I know such people, jobs and material success don’t matter and are a hazard to my mental, physical and spiritual well being. I found this to be abundantly true during my 13 months of homelessness from October 2016 to November 2017.

I also don’t care what people think because I know these things to be true and to be revealed to the public within the next decade through the work of many fed up with and traumatized by the lies and violence used to reinforce themm

I do not care whether or not people believe me, and in fact do not want them to, because skepticism is a great necessity among a species whose naivete and blind faith in the powerful liars and distorted or fraudulent belief systems have kept them on the path of enslavement and fear for millenia.

You can read all I write and say, and everything on the internet, in books, movies and TV. You may find many commonalities and agreements on certain facts and realities. No matter how many people, how famous or respected a person says it, question it because you, yes little old you, hold a piece of the puzzle so we can all see and know the full Truth.

The Truth about who you are, this world, this universe and this reality is inside you, and that is the most valuable commodity that has no price tag, but a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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