Awakening Does Not Come With Rose-colored Glasses

The goal of spiritual awakening is not to no longer see anything as a negative. That would basically make you a sociopath, the people causing most of the negatives in the world.

It’s not an accident the multi-million dollar New Age industry is allowed to exist by shaming, ridiculing and looking down on people who exercise righteous indignation about social injustice, including the injustice of spiritual elitism that prices most people out of accessing healing modalities like Reiki, or meditation retreats and spiritual seminars.

The “everything is love” culture pushed by predominantly Western spiritual practitioners reinforces white and class privilege and the Babylonian Money Magic System by expecting people to work dead end jobs for unethical corporations to be able to afford access to those modalities to keep their soul from being completely vampired by individuals and groups dedicated to perpetuating darkness and degradation.

It’s a problem I’ve got a lot of pushback from career practitioners for pointing out who act like they are above it all and try to avoid “negative” people. They are the same ones who complain about people’s laziness in doing the spiritual work and resisting truth.

Such mentalities also reinforce the ideology that feeds the careers of professional skeptics who blanket reject and ridicule “pseudoscientific” spiritual practices used for millennia.

When Gotama Buddha, who did his work for free or on a donation basis, was talking about aversion being unskillful, he was talking about radical acceptance and confronting evil and negativity with courage, compassion and non violence, and not giving into fear that cripples humans and feed the predators who have attempted to enslave humanity for much longer than most know or would believe.

Gotama was an ardent critic of the Hindu system of stratification during his time, and a lot of people like to ignore that, like those who sanitize the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, who was publicly murdered less to “pay for the sins of humanity,” dogma added later as part of the Catholic business model, and moreso because he was a social revolutionary not afraid to call greedy people who sought to control the masses out on their hypocrisy.

Turning spiritual wisdom into scientifically unfounded positive thinking psychology to build a high-paying career ultimately serves the agenda of those who use complex methods to prevent humanity’s healing and liberation.

Evil is real, and we are freed inside by choosing love and rejecting fear and hatred, but there are those who will still attempt to bring you down, especially after you have found greater awareness of yourself and the world and greater inner peace.

You retain that peace by knowing evil cannot and will not continue forever, and remain compassionate, present and loving to those who still suffer within an oppressive world.

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