Miracles Avail

A drop

Leaks in wheelbarrows
I’m lost in the vines
Mud stuck to my soles
And I’m full of lies

I said my love was unconditional
But I am weakness in a shell
In love with your ideal idea
Unable to be embrace with your inner hell

A drop
Of my blood
Because I gave up

Misunderestimated your amorous depths
Buried under the monster I came to believe
A power greater than me couldn’t have been you
Making you my God
A burden you don’t deserve
When it was the reverence
You have for me

A pool
Of my blood
Because I felt like an anvil
Around your frail neck

It was the cruelst divorce
For the only One who granted me the serenity
Of acceptance scarred, broken or whole
For the only one who showed me all of divinity

Now they know your face
But only know my words
Misquoted for greed
And you my demure pity case
Even though I am just a seed
And you our fertile soil
And I a crop left to spoil

A limb

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