Grow Through The Fight

Quell them rages my boy You’re doing just fine Use fire as your toy To pass the bitter time You’re doing better than you feel Loved way more than you can see Because you’re pure and you’re real You are the roots giving life to my tree You can’t fail even if you try There’s […]

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A Prayer To Never Forget Pain

God, Please don’t let me heal so completely I forget what it’s like to be so weighed down with sorrow I want to no longer exist. Please never let me forget how and why people struggle, how and why people are filled with rage and hatred, how and why people cry themselves to sleep, how […]

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Invincible Youth

There’s no sin in childishness Play even in the cubicle Twirl at your campaign in the wildernesst Until your digits are worn to the cuticles If you feel weak relish in the bitterness Absorb the bullies`s ridicule Relish your petulant fickleness A child never loses in the sandbox Just starts a new game to play […]

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Punchlines Away!

Oscillating between fear of Death And fear of Life Trying to be the laughter In between Delighted by the eternal Magnificent illusion There is any difference End Middle Beginning I Am the Mirror And its reflection We are the perfect joke Punchlines away!

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A Heaven I Cannot Bear

You want me to let you go But I must look at your face To know what I left in the snow The joy in your simple gaze The future we have is warm But I want to die in the cold Between guilt and love I am torn You want your husband to hold […]

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1000 Step Leap

Chasing false energy Fearing the enemy “Without money you’re mine” Unaware of his collected fines I may risk falling back But it is Me he lacks He can buy my body Make my stance shoddy My soul is not for sale Now We know your dark tale Pure fiction told as news Accepted by a […]

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