How Would You Like To Be Free?

We’re raised to believe to be happy, to be of use, is to do, to produce, to create materials to achieve a paycheck, numbers in your bank account to aquire more materials we’re taught will make us happy, or at least sustain us long enough to produce more materials to acquire more numbers in our […]

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The Devil Overdoses

The program’s losing hold The Devil is turning cold In this heat he feels ahead Because he thinks we’re dead But he’s got fewer walkers than he thinks Pounding on thin ice he’s about to sink He’s hard at work while we lay back Let him overdo it and fade to black

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Please Don’t Fan My Flames

You’ve got questions But don’t want the answers You’ve got pressures But won’t fight the cancer I offer the elixir But you won’t drink it You criticize the mixer To live for your secrets I try not to disdain I don’t want to do that crime But yet I still feel the pain Of you […]

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The Fire This Time

Hazy air chokes your lungs To push you toward liquid air To keep climbing the rungs Even if it seems no one cares   You stay inside to dodge the heat Too many cooks in the woods Maybe you turn to an icy treat Stock up on your favorite goods   But what of the […]

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Accumulate Truth, Not Wealth

How many Buddhist monks have a life coach? How often does a Christian monk think about how motivated they are to make money? How often does a child in Thailand beaming with joy because she has food, water, a home and a family who loves her watch Tony Robbins videos on how to become a […]

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Grow Through The Fight

Quell them rages my boy You’re doing just fine Use fire as your toy To pass the bitter time You’re doing better than you feel Loved way more than you can see Because you’re pure and you’re real You are the roots giving life to my tree You can’t fail even if you try There’s […]

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A Prayer To Never Forget Pain

God, Please don’t let me heal so completely I forget what it’s like to be so weighed down with sorrow I want to no longer exist. Please never let me forget how and why people struggle, how and why people are filled with rage and hatred, how and why people cry themselves to sleep, how […]

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