Every Iceberg Has A Warm Heart To Dig To, Nestle In And Die And Die And Die And Freeze To Death Back Into Eternal Life Because He Now Knows The Most Brutal Of Winters So Can I Only Be A Forever And Ever Summer That Melts The Entire Ocean And Washes Away All The Collective Hurt Of A World Unaware Of The True Weight Or Cause Of The Long Drought Shadowed Over Our Playground Because Death Just Can’t Stand The Way We Want To Play Without Wounds So We Will Drown Him In His Own He Refuses To Treat

I’m trying to ride the tidal wave
Of shame and anger
Me on the crippled raft
Just wanting a second oar
As my dark mind roars

If I throw myself over and drown
My distant friends won’t find my body
Either way they will wear frowns
Broken I left with a boat too shoddy

Why rescue a man who doesn’t even want to be found
Will this passing ship take me home
Or to a slightly better prison
Perhaps I should continue to roam
Follow these bleak rhythms
As I know too well now
Heaven is found on the other side
Of the lowest rung of Hell

Just 8 more minutes to the other side
One oar is enough if I remain my friend
Use my petulant rage to swim toward a shore of possible hope
Of possible, unfleeting restoration

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